03.10.12 21:10:56
Author: Sven Broeske
Yikes! Already 2 years have passed since the last release?!
So we clearly realized what happens if we schedule a release with too many tasks. In the future we will try to make smaller steps.

This time we released the new version just internally for the very first time. This implies that we won't provide a new version as download. We decided against a public release because such a release is accompanied by a lot of work so that it takes a lot of time. Due to a lack of time we rather use that time for further development so that the next public release will be finished faster.

If you interested in the development then you can take a look at the changelog of our internal release. As usual you can find there all innovations, improvements and bugfixes.
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31.03.12 21:03:23
Author: Sven Broeske
A new Kompex SQLite Wrapper version has been released after about 4 months. The new version is labeled with the version number 1.8.10 and includes one bug-fix and 4 new functions. Additionally, it uses the recent version 3.7.11 of SQLite now.

All information regarding the Kompex SQLite Wrapper and the possibility to download can be found on its project website: http://sqlitewrapper.kompex-online.com
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28.03.12 22:03:28
Author: Sven Broeske
5 years ago today, the project Kompex was founded. :D
Against all prophecies that such a project will fail after a few weeks or months we are still existing and developing diligently.

Unfortunately, we weren`t able to release a new Kompex version on his birthday. Baaaaad bugs.. you know. *um* So, but we are already in testing stage and solving the last bugs.
I hope that this will not take too much time so that we can soon provide a executable client version.

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19.02.12 18:02:02
Author: Sven Broeske
The next Kompex version is fast approaching so that we want to present our new GUI (Graphical User Interface) today.

The design of our new GUI was created by our graphic artist Andre who was also responsible for the website and board design. Therefore, everything has a consistent style which we also want to use in the future.

And now a few screenshots:

GUI04 Screenshot GUI02 Screenshot GUI03 Screenshot
GUI01 Screenshot

(Click on thumbnail in order to get to the screenshot section)
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07.01.12 16:01:25
Author: Marco Kalf
We couldn´t idle around between Christmas and New Year eventhough we said that we do and held a little three days long Developer Meeting.

Overall we decided which objectives we want to follow respectively which tasks are to be done. Furthermore, we have planned out most of the future components of the game so they only wait for their implementation.

Of course we weren´t only planning but rather developed further for Kompex. Since we could finish many of our open tasks and now have a clear view about our unfinished tasks we can already say that we don´t miss much for our next release. :D
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